Sunday, February 10, 2013

I have got you under my skin - Rod Stewart, Frank Sinatra


Note: THis is the best chords so far fit with this song. 
Other chords are rubbish!
Uppsss No I dont buy it, below is the best. this one is totally wrong (Eddy)


A7I've gEm7ot you A7under my sDM7kin; Bm7    
A7I've gEm7ot you A7deep in the hDM7eart of me, Bm7    
DSo dEm7eep in my heart A7you're nearly a DM7part of me; Bm7    
F#mI've     Em7got you A7under my sDM7kin. D6    
A7I've Em7tried so A7not to give DM7in; D6    
I sGm6aid to mysG/Belf, "This A7affairC# never can DM7go so wD6ell."
But C#m7-5why should I try to F#7resist, when Darling I Fdimknow so wBell  
I've G6got    Gmyou A7under my sDM7kin. D6    
I'd sA6acrifice anything, cA7ome what might,
For the sDake of Gdimhaving you nD7ear,   
In sD6pite of the wGarning voice that Gmcomes in the night
That repeDats and reCdimpeats in my eA7ar,   
"Don't you kBmnow, little fool, Gyou nA7ever can wDin?  
FdimUse your mentEm7ality -G/B wake A7up to reaDlity." A+    
But eDach time I Gdo, just the thoGmught of you
Makes me sDtop beAmfore I beB7gin -
(n.c.)'Cause I've Em7got you A7-9under my sDkin, D6    
I've Em7got you G/Bu    A7nder my sDkin. Gdim    D

G7    Dm7    G7           CM7      Am7
I've got you    under my skin;
    Dm7    G7              CM7         Am7
I've got you    deep in the heart of me,
   Dm7           G7               CM7          Am7
So deep in my heart  you're nearly a part of me;
     Dm7     G7           CM7      C6
I've got you    under my skin.

G7   Dm7      G7             CM7      C6
I've tried so    not to give in;
   Fm6                  G9-/5+             CM7    C6
I said to myself, "This affair  never can go so well."
     Bm7              E7                    E/A     A
But why should I try to resist,when Darling I know so well
     Dm    G7          CM7       C6
I've got you    under my skin.

     Dm7                  G7
I'd sacrifice anything, come what might, 
         CM7        C6
For the sake of having you near,
                Dm7                 G7       
In spite of the warning voice that comes in the night 
         Em         D#7         Dm7
That repeats and repeats in my ear,

F    E7  Am                 F     G7        C
"Don't you know, little fool,  you never can win?
             Dm7     F/A      G7       C         C7
Use your mentality  -    wake up to reality."
                F               Fm            
But each time I do, just the thought of you
          C/E            A7
Makes me stop before I begin -
(N.A#.)      Dm7      G7          C      C6
'Cause I've got you      under my skin,
     Dm7     F/A G7       C      C
I've got you    under my skin.

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