Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Boy Next Door by Lisa Ekhdal and others

G7     CM7     A9       Dm7       Dm6
How can I ig - nore the boy next door?

   C9   C  Am7             C/D
I love him more than I can say.

Dm7                Dm6       Em7                 A9
Does - n't try to please me, does - n't e - ven tease me,

F#m7            B7        Em7  A7  Dm7
And he nev - er sees me glance his way.
G7         CM7          A9       Dm7       Dm6
And though I'm heart - sore, the boy next door

     C9             Am9             D9    BbM7
Af - fec - tion for me won't dis - play,

  CM7/6     Am7            Dm7        Dm6
I just a - dore him, so I can't ig - nore him,

   Cm7-5  G6   C
The boy  next door

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