Saturday, November 15, 2008

You Promised Me - Bobby Caldwell

YOU PROMISED ME (Bobby Caldwell)

Why should I worry
What happens to me in this life
There are a million people girl
Trying to waste my time

I'm in no hurry
I only want to hang on to
I thought that you said the love was mine
I never meant to hurt you

*)Darling what's your hurry
Now you'll never have to worry
I'll be there for you
Darling don't close your door

You promised me you'd never leave
You promised me
You promised me you'd always stay

I hold a vision
A better world for you and me
I tried to reach the part of you
And you refuse to see

I'm in confusion
I try to keep our love alive
And when the flame burns out so soon
We never will survive...

to *)

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